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P.O. Box 911096 • San Diego, California 92121
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Journey To Freedom Foundation

P.O. Box 911096 • San Diego, California 92121
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Forgiveness & Hope Can Rebuild Lives

Journey to Freedom Book
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Welcome to Journey to Freedom

Need a resource for Recovery Ministry? Community Outreach Centers? Chaplains? Hospice Care? Personal inspiration? Prison Ministry?

The mission of the Journey to Freedom Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation, is to distribute copies of the book "Journey to Freedom: 30 Days to Forgiveness and Hope." This Biblically-based, Christ-centered, practical and easy-to-read resource is offered at no cost to individuals and ministries involved in various addiction recovery programs, multi-faceted community ministries, military personnel, prison inmates and homeless ministries.

Our goal is to help those imprisoned by their sense of failure and who are trying to change and rebuild their lives through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

As the title suggests, the book promotes freedom, forgiveness and hope for the future. This ministry is donor-supported and run by committed volunteers. A Spanish edition is now available.

More Than 250,000 Books In Print
Available in bulk (100/per box) at no cost

Recent Comments from Readers:

June 2018: Amazing recent testimony received by Journey to Freedom Foundation and presented here exactly as the letter was written. The book finds it way into hearts and minds all over the country.

"I am M. M., a 32 year old immigrant from Ghana, currently in immigration detention at Otay Mesa Detention Facility.

A friend introduced Journey to Freedom to me because he know I don't read books that contains Bible Quotations and Bible teachings, because I am a MUSLIM. After reading JTF I realize my mistakes. Indeed I've learned so many things reading this book.

Journey to Freedom has proven me wrong and in-fact I can not tell how much this book has been useful to my current situation. In-fact I SALUTE JTF. I have been reading this book over and over since I got the book.

I have learned to forgive myself and others exactly how my QURAN taught me.

Thanks to whoever makes this book happened."

"Please send this book to my wife to see if she can find God as I did."

"This books is so awesome, I tell everybody about it. I am reading it for the 4th time."

"This book was a tremendous inspiration to me. It helped me to understand that even being locked up in prison, you can still be free - God is true freedome on the inside!"

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Journey to Freedom Foundation
P.O. Box 911096 • San Diego, California 92121 •

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