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Forgiving Yourself


God Can’t Remember!

How would you like to be set free from guilt? Open your heart to the message in this story, and your life just may be changed forever! I have always loved the story about a priest who was truly a man of God, but he carried a secret burden of a sin that he had committed many years before. Nobody else knew about his transgression.

Even though he had told God he was sorry, and truly meant it, for some reason he could not accept God’s forgiveness and he had no peace or joy – only guilt.

A woman in his congregation claimed to have visions of speaking with Christ. She felt like Jesus would tell her things that nobody else could know. The priest, quite skeptical of her claims, challenged her:

“The next time you have one of these ‘visions,’ I want you to ask the Lord what sin I committed while I was in seminary, 20 years ago!”

She readily agreed and went home. When she returned to the church a couple of days later, the priest said: “Well, did Jesus visit you? Did the Lord speak to you?”

“Oh, yes, Father, He certainly did!”

“Well, what did the Lord tell you?”

“Father, He said, ‘I forget, and you should, too!’”

This is what I call the wonderful forgetfulness of God! Our Creator is a loving God, not vengeful. When we are truly sorry. for the wrongs that we have done, He forgives us completely. A verse in the Bible that underscores this truth: “I bury your sins in the deepest sea and remember them no more.”

My friend Daryll is an ex-­‐‑inmate who is also in Narcotics Anonymous. When he read this chapter, he said, “Nobody can beat me up like I can!” He’s absolutely right; usually we are our own harshest critic. We need to remind ourselves often that when we confess our sins, God forgives them. And when they are forgiven, they are forgotten.

The past – the hurt, the pain, the brokenness, the self-­‐‑hating – it can all be gone. We just need to fully accept the reality of the blessed forgetfulness of God. My Action Step

Think of your regrets. Tell God you are sorry. If you are sincere, God has forgiven you. Now the question is, are you ready to forgive yourself?

God’s Encouraging Word

“If we confess our sins, he [God] is faithful and just and will forgive our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” – 1 John 1:9, New International Version

Prayer (or just pray what’s on your heart.)

Oh God, you know that I find it very hard to forgive myself. Though there are consequences for my past deeds, though I am paying the price for my errors, I often still feel the need to punish myself even more. Lord, I pray that you will give me the ability to truly see you as the loving God that the Bible says you are – the God who fully forgives me of all my sins. Help me to accept your forgiveness, so that I may be able to forgive myself. When that happens, then I know that I can begin to truly be free. Amen.

Sample Chapters

Forgiving Yourself
Forgiving Others
God Don't Make No Junk!
Dealing with Loneliness
Hold on to your Dreams
Changing Directions
Not Defeated, Victory!
God Loves You

Book Topics

Day 1 - God Can’t Remember
Day 2 - Forgiving Others
Day 14 - Conquering Resentment
Day 18 - Beginning Again
Day 27 - Forgive Yourself

Overcoming Personal Problems
Day 3 - Dealing with Loneliness
Day 4 - Hold Onto Your Dreams!
Day 11 - "Not my Fault"
Day 14 - Conquering Resentment
Day 15 - How to Win Over Worry
Day 16 - “Irregular” People
Day 17 - Peace of Mind
Day 18 - Beginning Again
Day 20 - Patience
Day 21 - Encouragement
Day 22 - Learning How to Deal with Hurt
Day 26 - Two Kinds of Fear

A Better Future
Day 4 - Hold on to your Dreams
Day 5 - God Don’t Make No Junk
Day 6 - Messing Up Doesn’t Mean It’s Forever
Day 7 - God Isn’t Finished With You Yet!
Day 9 - Letting Go – a Prelude to Adventure
Day 13 - Your “Dash”
Day 18 - Beginning Again
Day 19 - Failure Isn’t Fatal!
Day 24 - “Do it Now!”

Personal Faith
Day 7 - God isn’t Finished with You Yet!
Day 8 - How Much Faith is Enough?
Day 10 - The Bible
Day 12 - Changing Directions
Day 18 - Beginning Again
Day 23 - God Told Me Everything is Going to Be OK!
Day 24 - Do it Now!
Day 25 - If This is Not the Place
Day 28 - Keep Your Fork!
Day 29 - Not Defeat, Victory!
Day 30 - God Loves You

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