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God Don't Make No Junk!


Are you a “nobody” or a “somebody” who really matters? Some years ago a lady visited the church where I was pastor. After the service she came up and asked if she could make an appointment to talk with me. This was a bit unusual, because it was her first visit. But there was an obvious sadness to her that made me immediately say “sure.”

A day or two later she came to my office. Her name was Maggie. In an effort to get to know her, I asked her about herself. She slumped in her chair with a miserable look on her face and said without any emotion: “Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me. I know that I’m not important, but ….” Her words faded off into a heart rending silence.

I responded: “You are important! You’re special to God. He loves you with a love that we can’t even comprehend. Maggie, you’re a unique somebody – you’re a child of God!” I wish I could tell you that my spiritual “pep talk” immediately transformed this woman, but that wouldn’t be the truth. But it did have some effect. Our talk was an important first step.

With my encouragement, she began meeting with a counselor. Over time she began to believe that she really did matter in this world. That she was a “somebody.”

To this day, Mahalia Jackson remains one of America’s most famous Gospel singers. Born in 1911 to a very poor family in New Orleans, Jackson’s father was a Baptist minister who supplemented his income by cutting hair and unloading cargo. Her mother was a maid who unfortunately died when Mahalia was just five. Living in New Orleans, Mahalia soaked up the blues and jazz. She sang at the inauguration of John F. Kennedy and for Billy Graham. She sang to millions of people via television. But Mahalia Jackson reached the pinnacle of her career when she sang for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., when Dr. King gave his famous, “I Have a Dream,” speech.

While serving at a church in Memphis, Tennessee, in the 1980s, I had the pleasure of working with Lane Adams, formerly part of Billy Graham’s evangelistic team. Lane said that Mahalia once told him, “God don’t make no junk!” Don’t you love that? God don’t make no junk! That’s what I was trying to communicate to Maggie. So how do you see yourself? As a “nobody” or as “somebody” who really matters? In spite of how much we’ve blown it in the past, regardless of how much punishment we’ve inflicted on ourselves, this remains true: God don’t make no junk!

My Action Step

Like Maggie, Mahalia, and me, you’re a special person with a bright future ahead of you. Close your eyes and take a moment alone. Reward yourself with this great, truth: You are a child of Almighty God! You really matter to God!

God’s Encouraging Word

“You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” – Psalm 139:13


God, thank you for seeing me as special. Thank you for making me feel that I really matter to you! May this unconditional love become the strong foundation of my life – so that I can love and accept myself and love and accept others as well. Please remind me of this when I’m down – that your love never fails. Amen.

Sample Chapters

Forgiving Yourself
Forgiving Others
God Don't Make No Junk!
Dealing with Loneliness
Hold on to your Dreams
Changing Directions
Not Defeated, Victory!
God Loves You

Book Topics

Day 1 - God Can’t Remember
Day 2 - Forgiving Others
Day 14 - Conquering Resentment
Day 18 - Beginning Again
Day 27 - Forgive Yourself

Overcoming Personal Problems
Day 3 - Dealing with Loneliness
Day 4 - Hold Onto Your Dreams!
Day 11 - "Not my Fault"
Day 14 - Conquering Resentment
Day 15 - How to Win Over Worry
Day 16 - “Irregular” People
Day 17 - Peace of Mind
Day 18 - Beginning Again
Day 20 - Patience
Day 21 - Encouragement
Day 22 - Learning How to Deal with Hurt
Day 26 - Two Kinds of Fear

A Better Future
Day 4 - Hold on to your Dreams
Day 5 - God Don’t Make No Junk
Day 6 - Messing Up Doesn’t Mean It’s Forever
Day 7 - God Isn’t Finished With You Yet!
Day 9 - Letting Go – a Prelude to Adventure
Day 13 - Your “Dash”
Day 18 - Beginning Again
Day 19 - Failure Isn’t Fatal!
Day 24 - “Do it Now!”

Personal Faith
Day 7 - God isn’t Finished with You Yet!
Day 8 - How Much Faith is Enough?
Day 10 - The Bible
Day 12 - Changing Directions
Day 18 - Beginning Again
Day 23 - God Told Me Everything is Going to Be OK!
Day 24 - Do it Now!
Day 25 - If This is Not the Place
Day 28 - Keep Your Fork!
Day 29 - Not Defeat, Victory!
Day 30 - God Loves You

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